To close the gap between LED illumation and laser collimators, we offer special LED colli- mators. They are intended as a cost-effective alternative to the laser-collimator and have a divergence angle of up to 1.4°.

These extremely compact collimators are also available in white.
All LED collimators can be produced per customer specification. The wavelength range is 400 nm to 1550 nm. Focussing for infinite or for a close range. Beam diameters down to 0.2 mm are possible. All collimators are equipped with a glass window for dust protection.
For cramped spaces we developed micro-collimators. These collimators can  also be produced to customer specification, with free selection of focus and wavelength. They can replace commercial 3 mm LEDs. These micro-collimators are also equipped  with a glass window.
Our standard collimators are made from brass, aluminium or synthetic material.  Other materials can be used - please ask us.